So Markaus and I decided since my parents were going out of town with the kiddos we were going to go on a vacation. He recently just landed a new job (SO proud of my baby) and we knew it would be a while before he can request vacation time. We were heading out of town to Dallas…I have been away from IKEA for far too long! But my car had other plans. I went to get it fixed at a place here locally. Shout out to Grease Pig on College. They have the best customer service and I really enjoy working with them. Anyway…I needed some work done on my car. We had to make an adult decision to get that fixed instead of going out of town. Adulting, I know.

We figured we would make the best out of our situation and decided to do a Staycation instead. The hotel we usually stay at in Dallas is called Element and they recently opened one near us in Bentonville. It was an great fit so we packed our bags and headed out!


For day #1 we PLANNED on going to the coffee shop I have been dying to go to but that’s a post for another day. We ended up not going because I had an early nail appointment and we didn’t really manage our time well. We got to the hotel, watched tv for a little bit, then fell asleep. When we woke up it was 4PM so we started to get ready to go eat and explore.

There is this new distillery in town called Fox Trail Distellery and we have been wanting to try it for a while. This was our first date weekend in a while so we decided to enjoy ourselves. Also, I’m a sucker for aesthetic and when I looked them up on Google I was already in love. The best way I can describe it is rustic chic. It’s absolutely amazing!

Here is a pic of Markaus…well being Markaus in the front of the building lol.

So let’s talk about the distillery in general. The vibe was awesome. Sitting where we were we could watch the sun set and the couch was extra comfy as well. They have multiple areas you can sit and outdoor seating as well. The staff was extremely friendly and even when they got busy they made sure to come check on us. As far as their alcohol choices, there were a ton. My personal taste are “girly” drinks. I don’t typically like to taste my alcohol and I want it fruity all the way. BUT Markaus had a White Russian and I loved that. We also dabbled in a Whiskey Sour that was pretty tasty as well.

Winding Down

We decided to close our tab out at around 10PM and grab a LYFT back to the hotel. I know this blog is light and fun but I do want to add in how important it is to drink responsibly even if you’ve only had a few. We got back to our hotel…ate again and crashed for the night. So Day #1 was a little uneventful till we got into the evening but it was a blast. Napping on your own terms is always a win in my book. Oh yeah! And we VLogged our day/evening as well so make sure you check that out!

Three Reasons You Need A Staycation

If you have ever wanted to plan a Staycation I am going to list three reasons you should go ahead and treat yourself!

  1. Cost effective- this is going to be my number one reason because you save money on gas or a flight!
  2. Exploring- as I mentioned before there are a few places in town we have never gone to and actually planning out a Staycation is allowing us to visit!
  3. Date Weekend- it’s so important to get away with your partner. If you don’t want to spend hours traveling or in the airport it’s cool to grab a hotel in a city nearby.

Enjoy a few other pics I took and thank you so much for reading!


Meg May


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