3 Reasons to Try NOOM for Weight Loss

3 Reasons to Try NOOM for Weight Loss

What Is It?

NOOM is a weight loss program that is geared towards creating a healthier and better version of you. They are a fairly new company, and in my opinion, doing a pretty great job. Their mission statement is “To help people everywhere lead healthier lives through behavior change.” I can totally dig that. As someone that has struggled with their weight since basically Middle School, I needed to try a different route this time when it comes to my fitness goals. One of the many cool benefits of using NOOM for weight loss is they have an awesome app that you can literally take anywhere with you. It’s basically weight loss on the go! With being able to utilize their app and apply it to your phone, whenever you have the opportunity to do so you can log your weight, food, check in with your Weight Loss Expert, etc. Below I included a screenshot of what I see inside of my app! As I mentioned before, you can log your progress at any time during the day. I like to start first thing in the morning as I am a Planner by nature and this approach works a lot better for me!

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My Weight Loss Story

I mentioned earlier that I have struggled both mentally and physically with my weight since Middle School. There were a lot of factors that played into this but we will keep this pretty basic. I am a pretty confident gal, but when it comes to my weight, that is where I struggle. Fast forward to having three amazing and healthy babies, my body REALLY took a turn for the worse. Pretty much anything I craved, my husband would go and grab food for me. (He’s the greatest) and I never really managed to get out of “Pregnant Megan Mindset.” My association with food, like a lot of us is really negative because I eat my emotions. Not only do I eat my emotions, I pretty much use them as an excuse for literally ANYTHING! Here are a few reasons I would convince myself NOT to go through a Lifestyle change on a daily basis:

  • There is food everywhere at work, and I want to be social
  • I don’t want to have to cook separate meals for Markaus and the kids, then one for myself
  • Being curvy is in and I should celebrate my body, not change it
  • Date nights will SUCK without being able to eat what I want
  • Traveling is a no go for me while eating healthy, I want to fully submerge myself into the culture

Really the list could go on and on but if I kept making excuses I would NEVER see progress. If anything it would probably lead to more weight gain! The truth is being social and food at work have no direct correlation. I was telling myself that. You DON’T have to cook separate meals for yourself and your partner and children. Instead make modifications to an existing recipe to create a healthier option. Like Pepperjack Stuffed Bell Peppers! My family LOVES these. I will do a recipe on that later! If you are eating healthier, your family should too. Here is a REAL and raw honesty moment. While being plus size and loving our bodies is more celebrated now than I have seen in the past, it just isn’t healthy for ME. I know my body and as a 4’11 woman having a ton of extra weight on a shorter stature is just not ideal.

The Mental

As you can see in the paragraph above A LOT of what I was dealing with was psychological. I knew if I could get out of my head and start making better decisions, and consistently yearn for change, it would happen! That is another reason I really enjoy NOOM’s weight loss program. They provide a quiz at the beginning of the process to get to know what you struggle with on a daily basis. Some of the options focused on whether you need help with the psychological aspect of weight loss, or more of the physical. Some people are GREAT at exercising and working out, but have poor diets. Other’s like me, will lose weight once the mental and self discipline kick in.

Another great feature about their weight loss program is they have implemented an SOS plan where you’re asked questions, and the best way to get you back on track. My SOS Plan includes for them to shoot me a text of motivational quotes over if I miss one day of logging my food. Also there is a Weight Loss Expert assigned directly to YOU where you can tap in to any difficulties you are experiencing during your weight loss journey. They are able to track your food, discuss better options, and so much more. I began my weight loss program on Monday July 22, 2019. Yall…I have lost 8lbs. Yeah you read that number right. I have really been involved with my app and creating healthier decisions. I swear every Friday at work it’s DONUT DAY in my office. Instead of eating one I grabbed my salad with lemon pepper chicken, olives, cucumbers, and parm. I also chugged a lot of water lol.

Tonight Markaus and I are doing dinner and a movie. Instead of having a drink and some 1500 calorie meal in one setting I decided to plan ahead. I really wanted to try visiting a restaurant with MOSTLY healthy options so I wouldn’t be tempted easily. So after we discussed food and where to eat for about an hour we came upon an agreement to have Meditteranean! And it was a great option for us!

3 Reasons to Use NOOM for Weight Loss

  1. Easy and Pain Free to get started. Take a quiz and learn more about your specific behavior when it comes to weight loss.
  2. Encouragement at your fingertips. When it comes to any weight loss journey it’s great to have a community backing you. Through recipes or word of encouragement they can keep you on track with your fitness goals.
  3. Affordable plans. You can choose how aggressively you want to tackle your goals by customizing an affordable weight loss plan tailored to you and your budget.
  4. ***BONUS*** it WORKS! 8lbs in a week and I am pumped about what my progress will look like in a month!

If you are ready to make the ultimate lifestyle change, and feel like the best version of yourself, click here to get started!


There is a lot I want to achieve in a 12 month timespan. Financially, spiritually, and physically. The top of my priority list is my physical fitness because without that, it makes achieving my other goals a lot harder. I am hoping to lose around 80 more pounds and would love for you to follow my Fitness Journey with me! I created a specific playlist so cleverly named FitnessField (because my last name is Mayfield…get it!) on my YouTube Channel. So not only can you READ about my journey, you can also celebrate my victories with me, learn some of my challenges, and connect on a different level. I will also have weekly blog posts along with my videos so it’s a great little packaged deal!

Let’s chat! Drop me some lines on your fitness goals and what you’re hoping to accomplish for the remainder of the year! Thank you so much for reading.


Meg May


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