6 Goals for Entrepreneurs

6 Goals for Entrepreneurs


Yeah so this post is going up in August and we have four months left in 2019. Whenever I saw a post on Instagram that said that it legitimately freaked me out, but it was also an eye opening experience. Like…what have I been doing with my life this WHOLE year?! The reality is I have accomplished some of my goals for this year, but I really got off track for a bit. I think that as either aspiring entrepreneurs or seasoned entrepreneurs it’s important to take a moment to think about what the foundation of your goals are. Let me elaborate. Our goals are going to change from year to year as what happens with any business. However there are 6 goals that should be apart of your weekly routine and mindset.


Dang Megan we are really jumping into the 6 goals in the second paragraph?! Yep we are because I just figure it’s best to dive right in and we will just see where the figurative pen will take us, shall we?

  • Be consistent
  • Remember your WHY
  • Have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish
  • Utilize social media (it’s marketing for FREE99)
  • Constantly seek inspiration
  • Find time to allow your brain to rest

And onto the details we go. Let’s discuss consistency. I think this is something we have ALL struggled with at one time or another. The truth of the matter is consistency = success. You add a person who is passionate about their vision and you are totally unstoppable! This summer I let the fact that I had the kiddos with me the majority of the time effect my uploading schedule, writing, posting. etc. That is no one’s fault but my own. Because guess what? We make time for the things we want. It really is that simple.

Remember your why. This is one of my absolute favorites. When I first started writing on my blog, uploading to YouTube, posting on Instagram, etc. I had dreams of one day having my own Creative Space and also being able to help other women when it comes to planning out their dream career. But I lost sight of all that for a few months. I know the vision God gave me and it’s not here just for me to sit on it. I have to act and remind myself of my WHY every single day.

Having a clear understanding of what you want your business to accomplish is extremely important. For instance if you are a Blogger and your goal is to initially have 100 views on your blog/month that needs to be a CLEAR objective. Utilize Google Analytics or WordPress App to see how many organic viewers you receive per month and make sure to check your stats regularly.

Utilizing social media for free marketing is a BIG one. There are over 2 billion people on Instagram a month and over 2 million on Pinterest a month. If you create bomb content, or products and market them well, someone is bound to bite. I think this is one of the coolest opportunities we have right now. You can really be whatever you want through consistency and hard work. There are so many people out there who started out by selling a few items on Facebook and now they have a fully operational online company. If you want to market your products or content without having to manually touch your images and/or website on a daily basis, I would recommend trying out Tailwind. With this app I can schedule my social media content, and Pinterest boards without touching the platforms for months (if I choose to do so) It is really a time saver to go in on a Sunday evening and plan out all of my content to be posted throughout the week.

Constantly seek inspiration. If you’re a Creative this is important. Whenever I get stuck and I don’t know what to write or film about I go to YouTube and Pinterest to get inspired regarding content. Even if you are into Fitness and trying to build your platform that way these are great tools for you to utilize. Keep a small group of people online who inspire you and keep your creative juices flowing.

Allow time for your brain to rest. As an entrepreneur you may often find that your mind starts spinning out of control because there are so many things you want to accomplish and so much to do. YOU NEED REST. You’re not a machine, you’re a human and you have to unwind at some point. I’m a design and architect junky so watching and rewatching episodes of Grand Designs on Netflix will always be my jam. Find what allows you to unplug for a bit and tap into that.

Where Am I Headed?

I know this sounds insane, right? But I was going back through my Evernote from 3 years ago (which if you don’t use this tool for planning, budgeting, etc…it’s amazing. Start NOW) I saw that one of my goals was to have an office space for MPrint in a specific area of the town I live in. I was actually able to do that THIS year and didn’t realize how big of a deal this was to me three years ago until I saw it in a previous note. If you believe in manifestation (like I do) then you can see how this blew my mind. Here is what I want to accomplish for the remainder of 2019

  • Launch “Women Who MPrint” series
  • Go through rebranding for MPrint Boutique
  • Finish decorating my office
  • Post consistently on Social Media
  • Focus on growing my YouTube Channel
  • Blog weekly
  • Dive deeper into Pinterest for Marketing
  • Staying active in my Facebook Group

All of these goals can lead to creating a more successful business, a more successful entrepreneur, and ultimately bringing in more money for your passion. What are some goals you are wanting to create as far as your foundation for being successful? Drop me some comments below.

Thanks for reading,


Meg May


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