10 Items from Amazon You NEED In Your Life

10 Items from Amazon You NEED In Your Life

Amazon is Life

So you guys know I wouldn’t recommend items to you for purchase unless I honestly believed in my heart that they would in fact bring value to your life. These items I have purchased from Amazon are amazing to say the least. I did not purchase them all at the same time, just as I felt I needed them. Take a look at this list! And I also made a YouTube Video if that is more your speed.

The Starting Lineup

Please note these items are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase 🙂

  1. Tree Hut Scrub- I can’t say enough about this scrub. I was watching a few Blogger’s “Self-care routines” on YouTube and a few gals were using this scrub. It leaves your skin silky smooth by exfoliating your body and also has a wonderful lingering smell.
  2. XL Stainless Steel Straw– #vscomom alert. That’s what my daughter calls me because I was complaining about my usual stainless steel straws not being big enough for my 40 oz hydro flask. I went on amazon and found an XL version that I can take along with me and it works wonders.
  3. Foot File– Yeah there is no cute way to talk about this one so here it is. Since I won’t be making it in to the nail salon for a while I decided to invest in a foot file. It removes dry dead skin from your feet and works so well for an item so cheap. Make sure you use this tool while in the shower with a little bit of soap added to the filing area for maximum use.
  4. Light Blocking Glasses– If you’re staring at a computer screen for hours on end, or on your phone constantly, these glasses will be your best friend. They come in handy when I’m spending hours editing a video and help with the glare that comes from the computer.
  5. Revlon One Step Styler Brush– You guys. I can’t brag on this brush enough. I have super thick curly hair and what normally takes me an hour and a half to dry, this tool took it down to a total of 27 minutes. I will buy this product over and over again. On top of that it gets your hair super straight as well. I made a YouTube video on some tips when utilizing this drying tool and you can watch it here.
  6. Edge Brush– Lay those edges down with this edge brush. It has a comb on one side and a brush on the other so you can truly sculpt your hair into the shape you desire.
  7. Glass Jars– If you’re big on your kitchen aesthetic these will create some awesome decor for your space. I use mine for sugar, rice, pasta, and cookies. The kids have easy access to their snacks and I can grab the items I need for dinner as well.
  8. House Slippers– While we are spending some extended time working from home, I wanted to make sure I was extra comfy at my keyboard. This was one of my most valued purchases. The fur on the inside screams luxury lol. Ok maybe not but it feels good!
  9. Jet Black Edge Tamer– For the folks out there with really black hair this is a win. I like the fact that this product works well, smells really good, and that it matches my hair color.
  10. Downy Infusions– Ok so I have to admit this is a little pricey. In order to get the best scent out of this product I can really only use it for around 6 loads of laundry. But man does it work! The linen on our bed gets washed every Sunday evening and it smells so fresh from the previous wash. To me it’s totally worth the price.


Each one of these purchases have left me a satisfied customer and increased my quality of life. I am happy with each and every one of the items.Thanks for reading.