10 of THE Best Money Saving Tips You Will Ever Receive

10 of THE Best Money Saving Tips You Will Ever Receive

The Art of Saving

Easier said than done, right? Saving money is one of those things that you can imagine you’re good at but when it comes down to it, it takes real hard work and discipline. At least that’s my story. I am the spender in my relationship and my husband is the saver. His theory is “It’s simple Megan, you just have to get to the point where you enjoy saving as much as you do spending.” Yeah OK Buddy, probably NEVER going to happen for me. I HAVE found that the Art of Saving does not have to be as difficult as I make it sound. Ultimately making small decisions along the way will really add up.

10 Simple Steps to Save

If you follow these 10 Simple Steps to Save you will be well on your way, and maybe even a financial guru in no time!

  1. Budget– I LOVE to budget. It is something I do to de-stress myself. I am naturally a numbers gal so budgeting is right up my alley. You will never know the amount of money you have to work with if you are not able to tell what you have coming in vs what you have going out. I use tools like Evernote.com to create my budget. I love utilizing the check boxes every time I have taken care of an expense or bill.
  2. Order Groceries Online– Using websites like Walmart.com for your grocery delivery will ultimately save you money. Taking away from impulsive buying while you’re in the store. What I enjoy about buying online is not having to wait in lines, and also hitting my budget spot on. I can create a list, stick to it, and remove items as I add to cart.
  3. Direct Deposit into Savings– This creates more of an out of sight out of mind train of thought. If you never really see $100.00 being taken out of your paycheck, it’s hard to miss it or think of ways to spend it.
  4. Avoid Eating Out- This is the biggest struggle in our household but we are doing a lot better now. I have tried to tailor our grocery list to fit some of our favorite items to grab from carryout. That way I can make it at home for a fraction of the price.
  5. Lower Your DebtTry to pay down any outstanding credit card or other debts you may have. This in return will end with extra money in your pocket. A large debt for a lot of people is their car payments. If you would like to have an extra $300.00(+) every month this would be a great place to start.
  6. Save Additional PaychecksRight now between myself and my husband we receive 4 extra paychecks a year. Instead of spending these take them and automatically dump them into your savings account.
  7. Use Discount Plugins– One that has saved me money (especially on pizza night) is Honey I really enjoy this plugin as it will go through a scan to save you money on food, clothing, haircare, and so much more.
  8. Levelized Billing– Ok so this right here, it’s a gem. If you have been in your home for atleast 12 months call and ask about levelized billing or budget billing from your gas and electric provider. This has saved us hundreds of dollars and allowed us to budget our numbers better on a monthly basis. Levelized billing is an average of what you have spent over the past 12 months so there are no surprises when you receive your bill in the mail.
  9. Get Rid of CableIt’s 2020 so I should hope the majority of us are taking advantage of Hulu, Netflix, etc. I remember 4 years ago paying $250.00 for cable and I can’t imaging doing that now. I enjoy streaming so much more because it’s programming I am actually going to watch.
  10. Use the 24 Hour Rule– If purchasing an item is still on your mind after 24 hours then it is a purchase that has meaning for you. If you find after 24 hours this item is no longer running through your brain, it is not the ONE, move on and save your money for when that golden item does appear.

Getting on Track

I hope this blog post was helpful. Just remember that you don’t have to be perfect when it comes to saving money, you just need to start. Take small baby steps that will pay off to your end goal in a big way!

Thanks for reading!


Meg May