How To Install Half Wig

How To Install Half Wig

Hey you guys! In this post I am going to explain (and provide a video) showing how to install a half wig. I have been wearing these for YEARS now even before I was natural which has been for ten years. I remember thinking when I cut my hair off ten years ago one of my major concerns was whether or not I would still be able to change my style up from time to time. I get REALLY bored easily especially when it comes to my hair.

Needless to say the answer was yes! I discovered how to seamlessly blend my natural hair and (curly) wigs together so I want to make sure I share this information with you my reading audience as well. There are two things I want you to keep in mind:

  1. Even if your hair does not match with the half wig you can always braid your hair down under a wig cap, apply the half wig, and add a headband to “hide” where the actual wig starts.
  2. Creating a twist out or braid out to match the texture of your wig is beneficial to blend the hairstyle as well. In the video you will see me doing just that. My natural curls are a lot tighter than the Penny wig from Outre so I made sure to manipulate my natural texture a bit.

Steps Prior to Install

There are a few tasks you want to complete before actually installing your half wig. I am going to take you through those below:

  1. Make sure your hair is either braided or twisted down underneath the style.
  2. Apply a wig cap as close to your skin tone as possible. Here is the one I use and it works wonders for me.
  3. Gather all of your tools together that your are going to need for styling purposes. I usually use a regular bristle brush, an edge brush, and a satin scarf for laying my hair down.
  4. Grab your favorite hair products for slicking your hair down. Remember we are only leaving a bit of our hair out for this particular style. The ones I am using in this video are style factor edge boost and eco styler gel.

Let’s Gooo

Now that are of the prep work has been done we are ready for our install! This is super quick and easy to achieve with this particular style of hair. First we need to cover our hair right where the wig cap starts. The hair should fit well for the circumference of your head. Next you need to decide the direction in which you would like your hair to lay. Once you have that figured out we are ready to rock and roll. Take the gel and edge boost and just start slathering it on your head. Yeah I said slathering it. We want a generous amount so we can blend our hair and the wig seamlessly. Next start to brush your hair towards the back but do not interrupt the actual curl pattern of the wig. Lay those edges down. If you do not know how…ofcourse, there’s a video for that! You can take a look at it here.

Lastly we are going to apply our satin scarf for around 20 mins. Feel free to do your makeup application during this time, or turn on something to watch in order to pass the time. When you remove your satin scarf. Viola! You’re left with a masterpiece. Lol! Here is a closeup of my finished product.

Finished Product

I hope you guys enjoyed this step by step tutorial. Make sure you watch the video on my YouTube Channel so you can follow along there as well. Have an amazing day!



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