How to Become a Blogger

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What Lead You To Blogging?

So let me catch you guys up on the last two years. Especially if you’re a new reader (welcome!) I began blogging in 2018. At first it was just a hobby, then after doing countless hours of research, I learned how to turn my passion into a business. I now offer one on one Coaching Sessions for people who have taken either my FREE Blogging Course, or one of my Teachable Courses (coming soon!). I love the ability to share the knowledge and lessons I have learned along the way with my clients!

On my platform you will see a plethora of topics. From fashion, to recipes, financial information/advice, home decor, you can find it ALL here lol. As a Lifestyle Blogger it allows me the freedom to discuss information I am truly passionate about.

What to Write About

A lot of times when I speak to my clients they stress about not knowing what to write about. My best advice is to think about a topic that you could never get tired of writing, or talking to others about. My sister is really into DIY activities so that would be an awesome outlet for her.

Or maybe you’re like me and want to indulge in ALL THE THINGS lol then Lifestyle Blogging would be ideal for you. I remember someone telling me when I first started blogging I need to niche down and pick one topic. The truth is, I was not passionate about only one thing. I wanted the freedom to discuss what I wanted, when I pleased. Which is how I ended up here and I haven’t turned back since.

How to Make Money Blogging

This is probably the NUMBER ONE question I am asked when it comes to moving your passion into a career. A lot of people want to know how to make money blogging. I feel like once a lot of Bloggers become successful they hold on to all of the knowledge from growing their business. Not my approach at all and I always want those around me to be just as successful, if not more.

So here is the break down of a few ways How to Make Money Blogging:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Ad Revenue
  4. Coaching
  5. E-Courses

Ultimately if you are trying to replace your 9-5 income I would suggest getting started with what I like to call the Starting Lineup. None of these however can happen without first Starting Your Blog. I have a really easy step by step process (with pictures lol) to get you started Creating a WordPress Blog. I am in no way shape or form a tech savvy gal but Siteground makes it super easy to get your blog up and running in a matter of 20 mins.

If you notice, there are ads popping up on my homepage and maybe even this post. Those are powered by Google and I receive payments from Adsense for hosting advertisements on my website. When I reached 1000 followers on Pinterest and averaged 2 million views per month, I knew I’d done something amazing with Marketing my Blog. Enter another money making route I want to discuss is Coaching. This is a service you can begin offering clients once you have been blogging for around 6 months or more. People are willing to pay to learn what exact process you used in order to be successful. When I first started Blogging I made a lot of expensive mistakes that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. By offering On on One Sessions I am able to walk clients through some of the issues they may be experiencing while running their blog.

A Step Further

If you really enjoyed this post and want to learn a more about Blogging and How to Become a Successful Blogger, I encourage you to sign up for my FREE E-Mail Course. I will take you through 7 Days worth of lessons to get started and well on your way to a profitable Blog.

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we should not depend on one source of income to pay our bills or just even enjoy life. There have been record number job losses and this was a Call to Action for me to create a community for other people to join me in making passive income. Don’t be shy, let’s get started with your FREE E-Mail Course now.