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What is My Company

I feel like in 2020 a lot of people that you find online having a business are trying to sell you on how to make millions drop shipping, or through affiliate marketing. While those are cool I am going to talk to you about an old fashioned business lol. Well not really. I own a clothing boutique called MPRINT. We have a brick and mortar location but thanks to the Pandemic we have been selling the majority of our products online. Our boutique carries clothing sizes Small-3XL which we have named Standard and Curvy Sizes.

Our original plan was to have a huge grand opening in March, but that’s when things started ramping up with the virus. As a business owner you have to learn how to pivot and figure out another way to be successful. Brainstorm ideas out of the norm that will still ideally get you where you want to be with your goals.

We have a VIP Facebook Group that has almost 1,000 women! Can you believe that?! Amazing but I have worked really hard to grow our group. Anyway we announced a month ago today that our store was open for business. One of the perks was curbside pickup which we were able to integrate through Shopify, and also Free Shipping.

How Did You Manage So Many Store Sessions?

So I have been building this Facebook Group for a while. During our first month in business we managed to generate over 2,000 store sessions and had a really good month in sales as well. I dropped some screenshots below. One of the many things I love about Shopify is the ability to really tap into your Analytics and Sales. They provide so many different reports for their users and offer ways for us sellers to be more successful.

I am going to tell you exactly how I was able to gain so much “foot traffic” to my online store within a 30-day timespan.

  1. I utilized social media posting tools like TailwindApp which finds a “Smart schedule” and posts your content during the most highly trafficked time on Instagram. So every Sunday I load up my grid with eye catching photos and create a posting schedule. During this time I also make sure I tag the products on my pictures so customers can tap on them and come directly to our website.
  2. Post 5+ times in your Instagram Stories. Now this REALLY takes some preplanning for me. Follow us on instagram @shopmprint so you can get a taste of my stories style. Stories allow you to also visually engage with your audience. We are brand new and have around 500 followers. For now our average view on Stories is around 65 people. What I like about Instagram Stories is people aren’t really pressured to ‘like’ the post. It’s just like BAM it’s there right in front of their faces lol. It allows another level of being able to connect with your potential customer. If you need ideas on how to engage your customers through stories Pinterest is always my go to place for fresh content.
  3. I began sharing atleast once a week on my personal page and groups I was apart of. Seriously don’t be shy and never stop promoting yourself. The Kardashians are a prime example of women who already have a lot of money and continue to promote themselves and their businesses on their social media platforms. This will pay off loads.
  4. Piggy backing off of my #3. By posting to your personal social media even if you don’t earn a sale that day you have atleast sparked someone’s interest about your business. Women visited my website, saw what I was selling and added their names to my Email List. This will come in handy when we begin discussing conversion rates.
  5. Creating a pin schedule through Tailwind for Pinterest. This got a new set of eyes on my business and it was super cool tapping into my analytics to see there were people from Canada, Ireland, and Mexico visiting my store. We do not ship internationally but having them visit was pretty awesome I must admit. Within the short timeframe my business has been opened we have managed to gain 103 followers on Pinterest and over 500,000 monthly views.
  6. Begin creating a separate posting schedule for your Private or VIP Facebook Group. These ladies need to feel like they are one of a kind and that’s always my goal is to make them feel special. They are my loyal customers and have been with me through the announcement of our brick & mortar location, the start up phases of our store, etc. So they deserve special perks and to be apart of some of the buying sessions.

All of these are ways I was able to bring in over 2,000 people in virtual foot traffic to MPRINT and thus convert to sales. One other platform I want to explore later is YouTube and Twitter but I have not gotten my feet wet there just yet. So let’s take a look at some math shall we so we can see how important foot traffic is to your store and ultimately turning the people who visit your store into loyal customers. Please keep in mind these are just numbers we are playing around with for the sake of examples.

What is a Conversion?

I’m glad you asked lol. So a conversion occurs anytime you are able to turn someone who visits your store into an actual customer and make a sale. If you are able to land 2,000 visitors to your site on a monthly basis and you can convert 50% of them into your customers and generate a $24.00 profit/sale you would stand to make $24,000.00 that month. Here is the breakdown: 2,000/2= 1,000 x $24.00= $24,000.00. I don’t know about you but I’m always down to make $288,000.00/yr. Shopify will also provide you with analytics specific to your store to show how many of your users you were able to convert into customers.

This is why it’s so important to focus on customer relationships and building your loyal customer base. I create a goal every month to show how many visitors I plan to convert from visiting to buying. I create a “goal” column and an “actual” column so I can see how close I came to reaching my goal.

Need A Little Extra Help?

Do you need help increasing traffic to your online business? I offer one on one Coaching Sessions so we can develop a strategy to ultimately increase the amount of visitors to your website. Online businesses are great and have substantially less overhead than a traditional brick & mortar. However, without people being able to physically come into your business we have to make sure you are providing what they need for their virtual customer experience. Book Me so we can get started on the success of your business!