A Day In The Life Of A Boutique Owner Ep. 7|Megan D. Mayfield

A Day In The Life Of A Boutique Owner Ep. 7|Megan D. Mayfield

Content Creation

Hey yall! Megan here and I am back with another blog post about A Day In The Life Of A Boutique Owner. I started this series on my YouTube Page and wanted to continue it on my blog, so here we are! One of the hardest struggles I have encountered as a Boutique Owner at MPRINT and Marketing for my personal Brand is content creation. By nature I am a creative person so this has never been an issue. The true struggle is mapping out what days to complete what tasks, and in the era of Social Media and free Marketing it is sometimes difficult to stay on top of your platforms and knowing what days to post.

I have been using Tailwind for about two years maybe a little more now, and I absolutely love this app. It helps with planning via desktop, and they also have an app so you can plan on the go. If you’re like me and have an opportunity to take a pic when you’re out and about, this app allows you to place photos into your drafts until you’re ready to actually post them. There are also other features that you will love. One of them is if you have a Facebook Page for your brand or business, you can cross market your picture. There is also a place for you to post it in Pinterest. Tailwind is essentially a one stop shop when it comes to planning out your grid.

The one downfall that I discuss in my YouTube Video is how I wish there was a way to actually tag your products on the Desktop or Mobile Version. There is nothing in the works that I know of for right now but I am thinking about sending them a message to have this as apart of any updates they plan for the future. The ability for a business owner to tag their product works well with the smarter not harder motto. I say this because even if you utilize the app for planning, you will still have to go back into your photos and manually tag the products on your own. For the most part I would rate this app as a 9/10 for checking all of my boxes. Since using it on a weekly basis now, I feel like I was able to streamline my content process. There is another app I am going to add in another post so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Planning for Black Friday

Is it me or does it seem like every year Black Friday Marketing starts earlier and earlier every year? I promise next year the marketing will probably start like late September. We chose not to do this for our Boutique because we (personally) believe this takes some of the joy out of holidays, marketing, and planning. Also I can honestly say that as a consumer with places beginning marketing so early it causes me to have anxiety. I feel as thought it’s one more thing that I need to be ready for that I am not. So no thanks. To each their own though, do what you feel is best for your business. Our Black Friday sales for MPRINT will run on Friday in store with a discounted price on all items, and we will also participate in Cyber Monday. Make sure you head over to our website and sign up for the Newsletter so you can be the first to know what our Black Friday Deals are going to be.

One issue I am running into with my vendors is my inventory not arriving on time. I explained to my sisters that I was actually going to start prepping our inventory in October next year so I don’t have to worry about shipping delays. This also allows enough time to make adjustments with your vendor for any items that may be out of stock and give you the opportunity to order other products.

Christmas Decor

Soooo I already put up Christmas Decor in our store. I did it in early November and I am not ashamed about that. This is one of the things that brings me so much joy as a Business Owner. We have a few decorations up now and we are going to increase them after Black Friday. We are actually getting a really cool Balloon Arch created so customers know to come shop with us from the outside. We didn’t want to purchase the exterior Christmas Decor just yet since we are having the arch put up.

When do you guys typically put up your Christmas decor? I saw a lot of people on Facebook saying it’s way too soon lol but I don’t care!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post. Make sure to follow me on instagram @MeganDMayfield and also my store @shopMPRINT. So glad to have you here!!