How To Start A WordPress Blog

Why You Should Start a Blog

Have you ever thought about starting your own blog? Maybe you dream of an early retirement, residual income, or paying off debt early. Or do you have aspirations and dreams to work completely for yourself one day? All of these are good reasons to start a blog. There are so many successful Bloggers who are earning a full-time income, with little overhead. Blogging allows you the opportunity to be creative, express your thoughts, and earn money while doing so.

SiteGround vs. Bluehost

I know when you are just starting out the process can be a little daunting so I am here to help you get all set up along the way! When I first started Blogging, my website was hosted by Bluehost. However after I began to gain more traffic and needed a faster loading speed for my webpages and posts I made the choice to switch over to SiteGround. In my google analytics I noticed more traffic to my site, but I also had a larger bounce rate. A bounce rate is when people come onto your website, and leave…well mine were leaving quickly lol. I later found out it was because my website was taking WAY too long to load in regards to information they were looking for. This needed to be fixed ASAP. Enter SiteGround. Since I have been with them for over two years now my website speed is up and my bounce rate is down. With my sessions and traffic increasing to my website this is one of the BEST business moves I made.

One other perk I really enjoy with SiteGround is their 24hr Customer Service. If you’re anything like me, sometimes we are caught working into the wee hours of the evening. If I am up preparing or researching for an upcoming Blog Post and come across issues on my site I am able to receive immediate attention from the chat.

Getting Started

Okay guys so that was enough back story lol let’s go ahead and jump right in shall we.

Step One: Choose A Hosting Plan

There are a total of three hosting plans you can choose to start your blog. They range from different prices depending on the needs for your website. The price that are listed (on the website) are different from the plans I will be showing you. Since you are a loyal reader of this Blog SiteGround has provided a discounted rate using my code. No need to jot it down just simply click on one of the links you see anywhere in this post to get started!

  1. The Start-Up Plan is ideal for anyone with one website that is starting out now.
  2. The GrowBig Plan is for those who want have several websites and includes a SuperCacher which will improve website speed.
  3. The GoGeek Plan is for people who have e-commerce or larger sites, or have development needs such as more server resources and GIT intergration.

For those of you wondering I am currently using the GrowBig Plan on my blog and it is suiting me just fine!

Step Two: Choose a Domain Name

In this step you are able to either choose a brand new domain name or sign up with an existing domain. There are a wide range of domain extensions offered through SiteGround at affordable prices.

Step Three: Review and Complete Order

You’re almost there and well on your way to completing the hosting portion of your blog! Super excited about this part. Now it’s time to complete your order.

Step Four: Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

Alrighty so now that we have our domain and hosting set up we still need to get your WordPress Blog installed.

  1. Under your SiteGround Headers you will see WEBSITES. Click on the header and it will take you to your Website Details.
  2. From here, click on your cPanel.
  3. Once you have entered your cPanel you will see Autoinstallers. This is where you will find WordPress.
  4. Lastly Click on WordPress, install, and follow the prompts. Once you have this completed you will be able to start writing from your WordPress Dashboard.

How To Start A Successful Blog FREE Course

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