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Let’s Make Money Moves

So I’m not sure how you came across my Blog. Probably through Pinterest if we’re lucky lol. However you got here, I am glad to see you. My name is Megan and I have been Blogging for over two years now. Within that time frame I have been able to monetize and grow my brand through hard work, a ton of research, and Marketing.

One on One Session + Community

I created a Community with the vision of an opportunity to also empower others that may want to step into the world of Blogging. If you would like to be apart of that Community, enter here! Through the time that I have been Blogging I have made some (expensive) mistakes, as we all do. When I decided to start creating products for my business I began to think about what I needed as a New Blogger just starting out. Being apart of a Blogging community is always great. Being able to assist and support one another during our Blogging journey is a bonus. It also would have been extremely helpful to have a Coach that would be able to above all else make sure I was well on my way to monetize my Blog quickly. During my start up time I jumped through so many hoops, spent countless hours trial + error with Marketing ideas and nothing was working.

Had I been able to trust a seasoned Blogger with a (or a few) One on One Sessions, I would have been able to devote more time to another portion of my Business. So I made the decision to create what I felt I was missing the most. Coaching sessions allow me one on one time with my Clients and is designed to meet the specific needs of their business. The truth is, we are all not in the same place with our Blogging journey. So setting aside a specific workday or days geared towards assisting you in your Online Business is very important to me.

What’s Included?

A Coaching Session costs $500.00 for three hours which we can knock out in one day, or split over a course of three individual days. During this time we can set up your blog, discuss the first few posts you need to create in order to get monetized, go more in depth with my FREE How to Be a Successful Blogger E-Course, develop a Pinterest Marketing plan, and so much more.

If you are ready to take your Blog to the next level, or you’re just starting out with your Online Business, click HERE to Sign Up.

Pinterest Marketing Manager

Did you know there are 322 BILLION yes I said BILLION people on Pinterest a month? Imagine being able to reach even just a small sliver of these people and turn them into your clients or customers. Imagine how much that would help and/or change your business! It’s absolutely mind blowing. A lot of people sleep on Pinterest. Lol that’s slang for saying they don’t utilize it. And this is because:

  • The platform overwhelms them.
  • They don’t know where to start.
  • They don’t realize Pinterest is an SEO platform (much like google)
  • They don’t have the time to devote to using it for their business.

I understand ALL of these and this was totally me over two years ago. I didn’t understand HOW to make Pinterest work for my specific business. Now that I have developed a Marketing Strategy, I am able to reach TWO MILLION people on my page and I have over 1,000 Followers! Amazing isn’t it. So lets say I am able to convert even a third of those followers into customers, selling a product for around $300.00. (Yes we are gonna do math guys sheesh sorry lol) 300 Followers x $300.00 Product Sales= $90,000.00 I just generated in revenue. I don’t know about you but I would love to have $90,000.00 sitting around in my bank account. I am going to provide you guys with a nice little screen shot to get the ball rolling on this.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

If your situation is anything like the four that I mentioned above, or you are simply just TOO busy to create a Marketing Strategy for your business, I would love to step in and help. To manage your Pinterest account the price is $450.00/mo. and I will map out just what that entails:

What does that Include

  1. Required to have a Tailwind account before we begin. If you do not have one you can purchase one here for around $15.00/mo. Daily scheduling of 25 pins.
  2. Manually pinning 10 times per day.
  3. Auditing existing boards and Creating new boards for SEO Optimization.
  4. New Pin Creation Once a Week Including 5-7 Pins.
  5. Weekly in depth email analyzing your current Pinterest Analytics, how to grow your account, reach, and improve overall blog traffic.

Still not sold? Well let’s have a few screenshots, shall we?

  • In the last week my Impressions have increased by 38%. Impressions show how many times my Pins were seen by a general Audience.
  • My Total Audience has increased by 27% which means the total number of people who engage with my pins or seen them has increased.
  • Engagements (this is a big one and where I want to improve for sure) have increased by 27%. What does this mean? I have an increased amount of 27% of people CLICKING my pins, SAVING them, or SCROLLING through my carousels. Just so we’re clear, clicks can turn into sales, and we love sales over this way!

I would love the opportunity to implement this same strategy for your business. To get started go ahead and click the SIGN UP here.

***I have also taken this VERY same Marketing Strategy and applied it to my other business MPRINT Boutique and to see the increase in analytics has been great. I say that to show you don’t have to just utilize my Marketing Strategy Services ONLY for a blog. It works for other Online Businesses as well.***