5 Ways to Master Time Management

5 Ways to Master Time Management

Time Management

So I was watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (eye roll all you want lol) and Kim was discussing with Kanye how she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to attend Law School, run her businesses, be a mom, and a wife. It is a lot for any ONE person to take on. Whether you like the show, or not, the statement was relatable. As a mother, wife, and business owner I felt this on SO many levels. We want to be able to follow our dreams, be good partners for our significant others, and an awesome parent. But how do we manage to take care of EVERYTHING?

Kanye told her she needed to manage her time and whatever is distracting her, basically not to feed into it. I thought about that myself and decided to be more conscious of the times I am spending even a small second that is not working towards my goals for the day.

An Ideal Schedule

Step one was identifying what I was giving time to that would take away from the tasks I need to complete on a daily basis. My step two was to actually create a schedule that would work for me to accomplish my goals. Now let me give this disclaimer. On top of being REALLY close to opening my Brick & Mortar store MPrint Boutique, I am also a writer (exhibit A), Digital Content Creator (check me out here), and I work a Corporate job in Logistics. Specifically working nights 4x a week. So with ALL that trying to set up an actual schedule for myself during the week and managing my time to get enough sleep are a task within itself. It took me about four drafts before I actually got my schedule to how I wanted it to be. This meant being able to devote the time I deemed necessary for what is important to me, my businesses, and my personal life.

Just remember that you have control over the way you manage your time. Let’s be honest, stuff happens. The kids may get sick, you may get sick, etc. but if you spend the majority of your days managing your time well then you will get tasks completed.

Tools for Time Management

There are several tools out there you can use to manage your time well. My favorites are Evernote and I also have two planners. One is for business and the other is for personal. I tried having one giant planner and it did not work out well for me. I like to keep business and personal completely separate. Do whatever works best for you.

With Evernote (it is FREE. Our favorite word around these parts lol) and you can put check boxes by each task. I will post a pic below so you can see what I mean. I really get a lot of satisfaction out of hitting that box when I have a small goal completed.

Regarding the planners I can list out what expenses I have and what dates they are due. They are also awesome for knowing what days are best for scheduling appointments, blog posts, instagram strategy, etc. One thing that I have struggled with and is a work in progress is not getting hung up on one task for too long. I have time blocked out for a reason and I have to remember to stick to my schedule. I would rather get 5 small things done than one large item that I spent a ton of time on. Also, this is what is best for my brain and the way it operates. When it comes to editing my videos on YouTube I do best if I spread it out within a course of days instead of one sitting so I don’t get burnt out.

5 Time Management Skills

  1. Identify where you are placing time on items that are not going to ultimately get you to your daily goal.
  2. Create and Ideal Schedule where you can get tasks completed. This schedule needs to include “time blocking” that is realistic for what you need to accomplish.
  3. Figure out what tools work best for you. Evernote, Notes, Planner, or just jotting down a list on a sheet of paper.
  4. Whatever you do not get completed on Day 1 push it to the top of your priorities for Day 2.
  5. Discipline. I read on instagram a quote someone posted stating you are not always going to be motivated. So your goal instead is to be disciplined.


Don’t give up. It may take some time for you to get into the groove of your new schedule. This was created to work for you not against you. I hope this post has helped! Leave me some comments below about if you have tried Time Management for your business or in your personal lives.

Thanks for reading!


Meg May